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How our adoption process works:
1. Fill out an application
Fill out our application and submit! Specify which dog or dogs you are interested in. Make sure to complete the whole application to keep the process moving.
2. We will do vet and reference checks
Please give your references a heads up that we will be contacting them. Also, reach out to your vet to make sure they have your permission to release any records.
3. Home visit
A volunteer will reach out to set-up a home visit. This is to ensure our dogs are going to a safe home and the environment fits the dogs needs. 
4. Meet and greet
Foster family will reach out and set up a visit. Some dogs might require multiple meet and greets to ensure it's a good fit. You may also want to meet multiple pups!
Adoption Cost
Puppies (under 6 months) : $300
Adult: $175
Seniors (over 6): $99
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